Sweater dresses with cowell collars....So loving these and my favorite styles

 Love a style and then I just make it in lots of colors......

We have some howto instructions on www.SewAlongwithKitty.com

How I sew these dresses and totes and some non sew Polar Fleece Blankets.... and soon there will be time to do wrap and easy summer dresses for the beach.... cause I think I might be going again this year.

As you can see I am sooo sold on the soft fabrics in the 2.97 room

This was another a little different sweater Knit I found at GSTREETFABRICS.com

These sweater knits are sooooo Soft
Come Check out GSTREETFABRICS.com

Sun Mon Tues Wednes... See you there

This Hunter Green Works with my Many Nature Design Printed Free Flowing Jackets, and 
Matching Earrings and Infinity scarves with a Cowl Neck and Pockets.. sooo soft
One of my favorites...

The chiffon prints from GStreets poly special table are another thing I make the same pattern style over and over-what I call 

Free Flowing Jackets

Total outfits on one hanger hanging on my walls...

and then there is my obsession with my own designs on the freeflowing jackets

Spoonflower prints my designs...

This outfit includes my sport lycra leggings for kayaking

This one has a sport lycra dress to pullover my swimsuits when I climb out of the kayak to walk the boardwalk at the beach

My many design pillows of minky and velvets on my minky blanket so I am outside when I am in


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