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  WWW.SEWMOREWITHKITTY.COM This blog will address doing a little more than beginner.  Projects to inspire you to do more than just a start... Advance to doing multiples and some information that you may not have heard, or just reminders. There will be some clothes sewing-quick and easy and we will do some slightly advanced quilting teaching blogs addressing fun things, like applique story quilting and quillows.  Everything I do is easy, but some takes a little more thinking. For easy to do beginner projects For sewists who are trying to advance their skills, or just sew more, I will list what I am sewing and the steps of what I do.  This is just a sampling of some of the things I will do a separate blog for each thing step by step.  This one is about a fitted shirt pattern, cutting out three at a time. I have a very small area that I live in.   I used to have a very large studio and a cutting table and cabinets but now.... This is my bed, my sitting area, my c