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New Outfit for Spring

  One of my favorite Patterns   Butterick B5045 This is the Jacket I make so many of... usually some kind of flowy material, like chiffon or lace.  It makes me feel very feminine.   I also like the fact that it is loose and hides a multitude of curves... 😁 I am going to make the pants to the ankles, but nice and loose and flowy out of a royal blue... found in the 2.97  TREASURE HUNT ROOM.  The jacket is one I couldn't resist, a printed chiffon with blues throughout and came off of the Poly special table, which is only 7.66 a yard.  But of course, we have our spring sale right now. That will be Pants, tank, Jacket = 20.00 for full set if you sew it yourself. Of course,  matching scarves and earrings for my total set. The elastic waist big leg pants will be quick and easy and I think I will make the tank top shown here out of the same royal blue.   The jacket will be the print.   See if I can wear it tomorrow. Here is a picture of the full outfit.  I made the jacket a little longer