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Light Cotton Jacket, Matching Design No Pattern

  This was a lovely gift of two yards of fabric from my friend who went to Bali. I am proud of how I figured it out and also I had the perfect button hooks to match the fabric, wasting away in my button sewing box. It was a 2 yard piece of fabric with dark blue background and gold metallic design. When it was finished I took the scraps and made a mask and earrings.  Used every inch of this fabric. I needed something lightweight and cotton, so I picked up the piece and examined the print.  It had some lovely design that was in columns I could use for borders, but I could see it would take work to cut it out. The selvage was a nice print of gold, that I didn't want to lose.  I laid out the whole piece of fabric and figured how I could cut the front pieces and the back piece on a fold and utilize the border strips. When there wasn't quite enough of the strips I would block end them with the scraps. In my blog this post explains taking a simple piece of fabric