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Sew a List

 Production Time Lags-Make a List and Check it Off My list today Adjust the coat sleeves and put the buttons on my Copper Coat It is cold now!-Make matching Tote from Left overs that are same as my purse.  Remember this is a reversible coat as are all my coats.  I don't want to get bored...LOL  This one unfortunately I love both sides so much it is hard to decide which side to wear.  It is determined by which outfit I have on, whether I want a black collar or a copper collar next to the outfit. When I actually finished this I decided to put the buttons on the opposite sides.  I found these cool toggle button loops so I used those so the loops close the jacket and I didn't have to put buttonholes in the pleather. The cuffs of serpa are roll up so they are warm and cozy on either side and I can unroll them and cover my hands if I forget my gloves..which I do often as I run out the door. Reverse Side Reverse Side Back   I love these toggle loops, with arrowhead tabs, from Gstreetf