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Sewing An Easy Coat-Fabrics from

  We are going to make a simpler jacket using this pattern step by step so you can easily make one, too The first time was improvised on this pattern, using leftover fur.  Example below We are going to follow the pattern by using the pattern pieces exactly and we are going to put side pockets instead of the front pockets. The pockets can be turned inside out when you reverse the coat for use on the other side.  This will be explained. Example of how I used the pattern previously, But this time we will follow the pattern more exactly and it will be Black and Copper-reversible. This is the second time I am using this pattern.   The pieces are cut out.  The first time I used it was when I took some leftover fur and guided the use of the pieces in a similar way to the picture on the pattern. Side 2 This was Jacket 2 and I put right sides together and made a seam from the bottom edge a little off center and left an opening just big enough after sewing around to flip the jacket inside and th Sleeveless Dress and Jacket

Sew This Dress and Jacket without Pattern  This simple dress  and  You Can Do THIS!  I have made a few dresses-All my clothes Use this dress Pattern or  follow my simple no Pattern instructions Measure what you want for the shoulder width of the dress (where you want the top shoulder seam to hit-from neckline to edge of shoulder top.....  <______>Your width of neck opening... boatneck is good  <______> The width you want the bustline to be The width you want your hips to be The length you want the dress to be I like to throw these on over my bathing suits or kayaking capris and tanks so I can go into better restaurants and not feel icky I make mine as wide at the bottom as I have available.  I stop the side seams at about 10 inches before hem, so I have flowing bottoms.   You buy your Stretch matte jersey... I like a print and a solid for the jacket... so it can double as a work outfit.  When I really like the print I sometimes make a matching print tie jacket also. This is