Beach Outfits for Vacation


The Sewalongwithkitty blog will give you explicit instructions on how to make these items.  You can buy inexpensive fabric you like and make the outfits yourself without my designer fabric.  ENJOY!  I am just trying to INSPIRE you and I love to bring the outside in and feel beachy myself.!!!  These outfits and be made with the chiffon as long sleeves on the dress and add a winter collection to your beach view wardrobe or use a different fabric.  I have many choices on Spoonflower.  As you will see by my Spoonflower logo, we can make pillows and use Velvet or Minky.

You can order the fabric alone or have me make the outfits for you.   You can order Chiffon Free Flowing Jacket with scarf and pierced earrings, or scarf and earrings, Tank, Dress, or pants. 

For custom order of clothes I make click on Etsy link and email me through the store and I will send you a link for item and give you a custom price.

FreeFlowing Jacket in Chiffon and matching scarf and earrings

Pullover tank in Sport Lycra-(swimsuit material)

Can be used to pullover Bathing suit and with solid color pants, or matching pants out of the same material- walk into the ocean or
Pullover and up over swimsuit to climb out of kayak to boardwalk.

Sport Lycra Dress also an option to pullover swimsuit or even wear to walk the beach waves.

The sheets on the bed are from my Sunrise over Assateague Collection on Spoonflower, you can order anything you want premade (Spoonflower link is above for this fabric) or go back to my Spoonflower store and order this design or any fabric.

It rained at the beach-bought an inexpensive lightweight sewing machine and made a pair of pants to wear...😁

Red Sunrise 
Free Flowing Jacket scarf and Tank

Looking good with solid black stretch pants

Another Beautiful Sunrise 


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