Sew a List

 Production Time Lags-Make a List and Check it Off

My list today

Adjust the coat sleeves and put the buttons on my Copper Coat

It is cold now!-Make matching Tote from Left overs that are same as my purse.  Remember this is a reversible coat as are all my coats.  I don't want to get bored...LOL  This one unfortunately I love both sides so much it is hard to decide which side to wear.  It is determined by which outfit I have on, whether I want a black collar or a copper collar next to the outfit.

When I actually finished this I decided to put the buttons on the opposite sides.  I found these cool toggle button loops so I used those so the loops close the jacket and I didn't have to put buttonholes in the pleather.

The cuffs of serpa are roll up so they are warm and cozy on either side and I can unroll them and cover my hands if I forget my gloves..which I do often as I run out the door.

Reverse Side

Reverse Side Back  

I love these toggle loops, with arrowhead tabs, from   from above the covered button and snap section

The fancy buttons came from the button wall, the copper pleather came from the faux suede pleather section next to linings at the top of the ramp.


The sleeves were colorblocked and sewn but they need to have an inserted strip to use them or new sleeves made, because with the 3 layers of fabric to color block they are two narrow.

I am thinking to have the lapels with the buttons on them to be cute, but may loop hook the front buttons so I don't have to make buttonholes through the thick fabric and pleather.

Matching Purse  chaining came from the glass case in front of the button wall

Matching Tote

Pleather Pocket to put on the front of the tote

The dozing sewing project Lady pocket is closed with snagfree velcro

For my personal totes, I use an adjustable(with D rings) shoulder strap and handles for when the tote is full, I can put it on my shoulder but use the handles to lighten the load.

I am making a zippered change purse to hang on the inside and then straps with D ring attachment and adjustable by D rings and handles small handles in the center

Cut out and make 2 Turtle Necks Turquoise and Gold.

These are still available patterns on Etsy, and Ebay, just google

Kwik Sew 4217- easy quick and I do the one with the long sleeves.  I need the set in sleeves as I have round shoulders.

Make 5 face masks (I still wear them at the store) and I need to make 3 for a friend  three have the fancy fronts done, but I make three layer by putting a lining of muslin and a filter pocket with a casing on the ends to put a neck hanger through next to the elastic casing.

Make fancy glitter shrug-for my friends gigs black glitter lined.

Cut out and sew up a baby set for my etsy shop!need a boy theme.

Sew 4 pillow Covers for ready to ship on Etsy.  It is noon and I have to work tomorrow. My 4 pics Heron on Velvet pillow covers

Need to sew invisible zippers in the bottom and sew pillow covers together.  For 4 pillow covers ready to mail.

I am going to wash my hair and do a half hour of Guitar and then tackle the list.

My cozy corner is waiting for me!


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