Shoes of comfort

 Attempting comfortable soft shoes to stand in 10 hrs


Cork will face down, this a soft vinyl-caramel colored with cork back

Foam insert cut to size

Dr Scholls Arch Support soft insert cushioning

Bought two soft skins- to make matching clutch and or bag of same.  Thinking style will be a full shoe cover with cross over straps that are sewn in with elastic back to slide shoe on.
I ordered some shoe glue.  I have a palm thimble and was going to sew it, but I think I would like to glue the bottom on and maybe hand sew it with a blanket stitch for design element only.  This leather is so soft and it feels so good on my foot.  I am going to use some elastic in the back and velcro for the strap wrapping.  (I am still thinking!?)


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