Purse--Handbag--Clutch--Change Purse


No Pattern, Using a piece of leftover copper from the previous
Color Block Jacket-That became the size

Then Folded and squared like the Tote bag instructions in

Cut the outside piece and cut the inside piece.

Took the inside piece and cut it about a sixth of the way down one side and put a zipper in to form a pocket  I used an invisible zipper because that was what I had.

Folded the outside and then took a piece of fabric and put the lining on the otherside of it to form the rectangle for the 
outside pocket - sew around the outside of the pocket onto the outside piece, leaving an opening so there is a pen pocket at the bottom and then sew across above it. 

 I used the pleather lining to sew tabs on each side with D rings so I could add a chain handle and also I like to link my keyring on one side of my purse so I don't lose my keys.

Added a change purse to the inside by folding the pleather lining
piece into a narrow strip and sewing an end into the change purse and another end in between the lining and the outside near one of the handle tabs.

After sewing the tabs on with the D rings, I used some Snag free Velcro and put a piece on each side of the purse opening so it would be clamped shut when on my shoulder or arm.

I added a small chain to the outside pocket top just for design, no real function, the top pocket for my cell phone and my personal business cards.

The Handle is a yard of thick chain that I attached through the copper pleather tabs at the ends.

Note my pen in the pocket-never to lose my pen again.


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