Sleeveless Dress and Jacket

Sew This Dress and Jacket without Pattern 

This simple dress 

You Can Do THIS!  I have made a few dresses-All my clothes

Use this dress Pattern or  follow my simple no Pattern instructions

Measure what you want for the shoulder width of the dress (where you want the top shoulder seam to hit-from neckline to edge of shoulder top..... 
<______>Your width of neck opening... boatneck is good  <______>
The width you want the bustline to be
The width you want your hips to be
The length you want the dress to be

I like to throw these on over my bathing suits or kayaking capris and tanks so I can go into better restaurants and not feel icky

I make mine as wide at the bottom as I have available.  I stop the side seams at about 10 inches before hem, so I have flowing bottoms.  

You buy your Stretch matte jersey... I like a print and a solid for the jacket... so it can double as a work outfit.  When I really like the print I sometimes make a matching print tie jacket also.

This is a very quick outfit to make.  

Take your fabric and fold in on both sides so you have two folds and they meet in the center.  I use create a pattern to draw on for the pattern.  Once made you can use it over and over again.  You can free hand cut it with your measures from above.   

Your fabric amount will be the dress length plus 1inch for hem and 5/8"  so round to 2 inch plus your dress finished length and if you want to do a scarf and use the bias trim method around your sleeve holes and your neckline add enough to cut the trim piece.  My scarves are whatever fabric is left after cutting the trim pieces.  so depending on how much fabric I buy they are different widths.  It is only a way for me to feel like I have a matching set outfit.  I also make earring out of the covered buttons.  I will have a pair out of the dress fabric and if I make a jacket of a solid color-I will have a pair of earrings and scarf out of the solid fabric.

Will blog the pattern making simple for tie jacket later today.  Start the same as the dress..Use the same measurement for shoulders and add a sleeve from any outfit you like the sleeve for a jacket on.  It will only have a turned up topstitched wrist.  You will add on the pattern front pieces a long narrow piece for a tie.  

You will cut one side for the front  and the other side on the fold for the back.  I cut the back neckline a little higher so I can tell one side from the other, if I am not using the bias trim method.  If I am using the bias trim method I make the trim strip meet in the middle of the back neckline.  You can improvise on the neck line the sleeve holes etc and have your own design dress... some people like to have the sleeveless dresses cut in in the back like a bathing suit, but I need to have support under there so I like it to cover my shoulders and my back sleeveholes, so if I am not throwing it over a bathing suit, I can wear my normal undergarment support and it will be covered.

I will make one later tonight and blog the pictures later.  I dropped my nice camera in the brink when I was playing with my new water toy...LOL


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