Total Outfits - for Vacation, Work or Play

 What is a Total Outfit?

In my closet it is a freeflowing Jacket with a tank, a pair of pants, leggings or tubins, a long dress and a scarf and earrings.  Maybe even 2 pair of pants, one as a print and one as a solid.

Total Enough?

My theory is when someone says, oh I don't like matchie matchie.... they just can't manage to make things match LOL

But we can.... we can make this thing and that pull out the color from that thing and on and on...

In between my regular sewing meetups, I manage to squeeze some time for... tonight a Tank for one outfit and a Lace Jacket and matching Long dress with the same lace as a Yoke insert.  Hopefully a sweetheart neckline.  I will probably make a shirt with the lace yoke also, if I have enough scraps.

A  cha cha gore on each side of the bottom of the dress...when you are really going dancing maybe put one in the middle of the back.


Earrings are made and matching lace scarf.

Jacket the burnout, one scarf the burnout and one the dress print.

The dress material will make a matching scarf also, so they can be intertwined, if wanted.

I also need to cut out one blouse and at least one mans shirt.


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